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Let's create a brighter, more vibrant future for the communities of Linn County, together.

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My name is Molly Donahue and I am running for Linn County's Board of Supervisors.  

I'm currently a State Senator and have had the honor of serving the State of Iowa for past 6 years as both a State Representative and now as a Senator.

Give me your vote and support, and with your voice, I will be a champion for all of our communities in District 3. 

I look forward to serving you in the future as your County Supervisor.

Molly Donahue
A Strong Voice For Rural Iowa

Bringing Experience to County Supervision

My experience in state government will help me to make informed decisions and enact policies that will benefit all of the residents of Linn County.

I am committed to addressing Linn County's most pressing issues, including​











above: Molly is speaking in the Senate chamber, in April of 2024, working to protect our citizens, and to hold accountable the companies that make pesticides. 


This governor’s bill would hold harmless the pesticide companies, should  farmers, their family members, or anyone in the communities get cancer due to their products. No corporation should have immunity from lawsuits for medical expenses, loss of work, or loss of life, due to their products.


Iowa is number one in cancer cases. Molly is committed to doing the real work necessary to protect the health and well being of our communities. Putting people over politics— not bending to the will of corporate America.

A Quick FAQ

1) What does a County Supervisor do?

2) Why is Molly Donahue the best candidate for 2024?

What does your county supervisor do?

Supervisors are responsible for setting fiscal policies, establishing tax rates, and overseeing the county budget to ensure that essential programs and services are adequately funded. They make important decisions about health and social services, land use planning, and infrastructure development to meet the needs of the community. In addition to their policy-making duties, supervisors serve as liaisons to city councils, organizations, and county departments, fostering communication and collaboration. They also appoint citizens to serve on various boards, commissions, and committees, ensuring that the voice of the community is represented in county decision-making. Linn County supervisors are elected by district and serve staggered four-year terms. With over 700 employees, the Board of Supervisors plays a vital role in guiding the county's strategic direction and making decisions that impact the daily lives of Linn County residents. Their work is essential to maintaining a thriving, responsive, and responsible county government.

Why is Molly the best candidate?

While her opponent's background is primarily in the private sector and helping on her father’s campaign, Molly has been on the front lines of policy-making and advocacy for decades. As as teacher, Union leader, State Representative, and now State Senator, Molly has a first hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing Linn County families and a track record of fighting for her constituents. Whether she's standing up for landowner rights, pushing for better mental healthcare and healthcare, or advocating for rural communities, Molly puts people over politics every time. She has a track record of working with others in all of her experiences from the public school system, to the Capitol, as well as her boards and volunteer positions around Linn County. Molly gets things done, and she knows how to optimize the strengths of those working with her. In contrast, her opponent's experience in dog breeding, photography, online sales, marketing and graphic design for a small private college in Northwest Iowa, while valuable in some contexts, doesn't translate to the kind of policy expertise and community knowledge that the County Supervisor role demands. When you head to the polls, ask yourself: Who do you trust to fight for you and your family? Who has the experience and the commitment to make a real difference in our community? The answer is clear: Molly Donahue is the best choice for Linn County Supervisor.

above: In April of 2024, Molly proudly filed her paperwork to run for Linn County Supervisor, District 3.

“With her strong leadership skills, dedication to public service, and deep understanding of the needs of her community, Molly Donahue is the clear choice to represent Linn County.”

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Molly updates the people regularly with her work and activities, as well as events happening around all of the communities in District 3 on Facebook.

Molly’s plan for the success of Linn County:

Compassion, Integrity, and Equality

Representing the voice of Iowans in our small towns and rural communities by being present in the communities, and available to the people.


above: Molly speaks to nearly 200 community members at a forum about the governor’s bill to dismantle the AEAs all across Iowa that will hurt our rural and small community public schools.

Molly Donahue Speaks up and Takes Action

Molly's Iowa State Senate Committees:

Molly Donahue has a solid history of sponsoring bills that directly benefit veterans, families, working people, and rural Iowans.

This website you're viewing offers in-depth descriptions of Molly's positions and efforts on the issues facing Linn County.

Molly's newsletters detailing her work for the Iowa State Legislature are a surprisingly fun read, with photos and plain, honest descriptions of what matters most about the bills, agendas, and politics that she's putting her efforts into, for her constituents. You can subscribe to her newsletter to receive it weekly.

Molly updates folks on her hard work with frequent posts on Facebook and X

Molly is running for Linn County Supervisor to continue the work she began in the area, at the state level. As County Supervisor, Molly will be able to continue to work in our communities. She will bring her experience and commitment to serving the people to the forefront of local governance. A representative for the people, Molly understands the importance of showing up and doing hard work.

Molly has a proven record of service and experience fighting for the rural communities and small towns as both an Iowa State Representative and as an Iowa State Senator.

Molly will use that experience, along with her 33 years working in our schools, to fight for those communities in the County Supervisor District 3 position.

Primary Elections
June 4, 2024 

Linn County Election Services can help you figure out how to:

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  • find out where to vote

  • learn about what's on the ballot

  • request an absentee ballot​

Stay Up to Date with Molly on Facebook

Molly posts daily on Facebook about what’s happening politically in Iowa, about her activities and work around the district, as well as events happening in the communities of District 3.

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