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Hi, I'm Molly Donahue

I'm proud to live and work in the community that I represent. Being invested in the success of your neighbors is the key to making good choices as your supervisor.

Why I'm Running for Linn County Supervisor

I am running for Linn County Supervisor to continue the work I have started in the area, at the state level. Running for the supervisor position allows me to bring my commitment to serving the people to the forefront of local governance.

I am committed to addressing the pressing issues facing Linn County, including landowner rights, the infrastructure -- roads and bridges for rural Linn County, economic development, public safety, public health, and more. ​


My Background

I was born and raised only a few blocks from where I live today. I attended the public schools here— and I’ve taught in the public schools  for the last 33 years. 

In addition to my teaching career, I have been a State Representative for the towns of Marion, Bertram, Ely, parts of Cedar Rapids, and Mount, Vernon—and I am currently, the Senator for the area.

My Family

My parents were small business owners, who taught me the importance of serving my community through their volunteerism. 


I started working at a young age, and have continued working multiple jobs ever since. Doing so put me through college and my graduate school programs, and has afforded me to purchase my own home and make my own way in this life. 


I am grateful for the guidance I had from my parents growing up and the loving support that they gave me —even the struggles, because it’s made me who I am today.


Empowering Every Voice

My experience in state government will help in making informed decisions and enact policies that will benefit all of the residents of Linn County, as well as benefit the small towns in their economic development. 


I look forward to continuing my service to the people of Marion and adding the communities of Bertram, Mount Vernon, Springville, Lisbon, Prairieburg, Center Point, Central City, Coggon, Alburnett, Troy Mills, Walker, Palo, Robins, Waubeek, Whittier, Lafayette, Paris,Toddville…

“I am asking for your vote, so that I can continue to be your voice, and do the work of the people here in Linn County”

- Molly Donahue

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