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Issues In-Depth

Read about Molly Donahue's Positions and her Commitment to Keep Working on the Pressing Issues Facing Linn County

Statement on the Use of Eminent Domain


The State of Iowa, does not have the right to allow eminent domain for private gain on private property. The abuse of power from the majority party, and governor at the Capitol is hurting Iowans and their families with the constant threat of losing land for the CO2 pipelines. I stand with the landowners and I will fight for their rights!

Landowners in Iowa have worked hard to build their lives, whether it be on a farm, in a small community, or in the urban centers.

A Champion For Iowa’s Working Families


Out-of state-corporations are given tax breaks leaving Iowa’s working families behind-some without a living wage. We are taking care of corporations instead of our families. As a result, our small businesses and rural areas are left struggling. 

As supervisor, I will work with communities and the city councils to provide opportunities for Linn County residents to be successful and to keep our best and brightest right here in the state to help grow our economy.
As a teacher and public servant, I see every day how hard-working Iowans are struggling.

Revitalizing Our Small Towns & Rural Communities


Iowa has one of the top states in the nation in education. We have the best-educated workforce and to keep them here, we need to expand our job creation in Linn County.

With that, we need to increase access to high-speed internet, create safe and affordable housing, improve water quality, and protect the environment, while increasing cultural and recreational opportunities to help retain our youth here in our communities.

Doing so is important for the growth of our small towns, and will help drive economic development for each of the towns in supervisor district 3.

Supporting Our Veterans


Our veterans deserve better, and the county supervisor has a unique opportunity to help with affordable housing, plus mental and physical healthcare for our veterans.

Iowa has approximately 225,000 veterans, many of whom returned home with injuries. Many veterans struggle to find job opportunities with livable wages. Over 200 veterans in Iowa are homeless. We owe a debt to our veterans we can never repay. We must provide them with healthcare, and we must expand their mental health care. Far too many veterans are lost to suicide each day. This is and should be a non-partisan issue. Veterans have protected all of us regardless of political affiliation, race, or creed. We need to thank them for their service and sacrifice by supporting them in the same way.

Linn County Roads and Bridges


Whether you are traveling between farms, moving crops, or getting your kids to their schools and school events, as your supervisor I will make sure that we continue providing safe and efficient roads and bridges to the citizens and visitors of Linn County.

The Linn County Secondary Road Department maintains 1,156 miles of roads and 256 bridges. Approximately 378 miles (33%) of the road system is hard surfaced (asphalt, concrete or seal coat) and the remaining is rock surfaced. The secondary road system is served by construction, maintenance, and roadside crews who work to provide the best experience for all users.

Keeping Our Communities Safe


I know how important it is to keep our communities safe. We need appropriate mental health care for our citizens, we need a healthcare system that works for our most vulnerable Iowans, and we need to take care of our elderly neighbors by making sure they can stay in their homes as long as possible, and that our care facilities are fully staffed and safe when they need to utilize those.

We need to be able to provide the police and fire coverage for our rural towns to keep them safe in today’s world.

As supervisor, I will work with communities and the state to make sure each community is safe and a great place for ALL community members to work in and grow their families.

Parks and Natural Resources


The Natural resources in Linn County at the many beautiful parks, as well as bike trails, and waterways are some of the greatest attractions to our area.

As Linn County Supervisor, I will protect these areas, and continue updating and growing the trail systems. These attractions boost tourism, as well as economic growth and development. Protecting and growing these attractions will help our small towns prosper.

Clean Iowa for the Future


Clean waterways matter, and I will continue to work to make sure all Linn county residents have clean and safe drinking water. I will work with farmers on sustainable ways to make the land and crops more profitable, while reducing runoff into our lakes and streams. In making sure we all have clean waterways, we also provide great recreational opportunities for the residents in the area.

Iowa leads the nation in clean energy, and we want to continue to grow our use of wind and solar energy resources. Linn County has many opportunities in this area, providing great jobs for our communities. Solar provides opportunities for Linn County families to use efficient energy in their homes, and for farmers to lower their costs by up to $10,000 a year.

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